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Interview with Jhon Tomas, creator of the S.E.G with Prof. Searl

Ott 02, 2015 Stefania Del Principe

Good morning Mr Jhon Tomas,
What does S.E.G mean?
As it is possible that the instrument is able to fly?
The S.E.G. will develop a gravity field of it?s own when it is under a heavy load. (Load equals Electrical Resistance)

Which materials are you necessary for the construction of the S.E.G?
The S.E.G. is made from 4 materials. They are
1. A rare earth material.
Any of the rare earths will work but we use Neodymium because it is the cheapest.
2. A semiconductor layer that is negatively charged. One material would be Teflon.

What is it warned inside the aircraft?
The inside of the vehicle has a life support system to protect the passengers. This entire system is also protected by the force field that surrounds the craft when in flight.

To that speed flies the aircraft?
The craft is called an INVERSE-G-VEHICLE. The craft can fly thousands of miles per hour in the upper atmosphere. In space the maximum speed of the craft is 185,750 miles per second.

Which are the dimensions and the weight?
The craft can be made to any size desired. The larger the craft ? the more costly to build. The craft will weigh tons when its engine is at idle and will weigh nothing when the engine is fully engaged.

What happens if the magnetic field that produces the aircraft is to contact with people or objects?
The people on board the craft will be protected by shielding. If a person touched the outer perimeter of the craft while it was energized, the person would get a severe, or fatal shock as the craft produces millions of volts at the perimeter.

What does it happen in the surrounding environment to the aircraft?
The surrounding environment is not affected. The field of the craft extends a short distance from the outer skin. The craft cannot be seen on radar as it absorbs the radar waves.

The fields magnetic products are harmful?
The IGV must be built to specific dimensions according to the squares. If it is built this way, there will be no ill effects inside the craft. Outside the craft the field does not extend too far from the craft.

Is possible to use the functions of the S.E.G to produce electric energy in a house?
Yes, The S.E.G. is designed to power a home or an electric automobile.

If possible, how much would it be, approximately, the expense to be sustained?
The cost of the S.E.G. has not been determined. We estimate that the cost for the first ones would be approximately $10,000. There is no additional cost to run the generator.

How much is Kw produced by the S.E.G?
We plan to build a unit that delivers 20 KW.

What would it happen if everybody we used the S.E.G?
This could not happen fast. It will take time to get them to all those who would want one. The S.E. G. give the owner freedom. He would have power for his entire life without any interruptions.

Because these information are held hidden from the governments?
Unfortunately, large oil companies hold a grip on the governments and economies of all countries of the world. Many like it like that and do not want the S.E.G. to come out to the world.

Can you explain to our consumers because you has unjustly been imprisoned?
John Searl was imprisoned without a formal charge for using electricity from his generator rather than from the power company. He was accused of stealing power but they could never prove that.

Can you explain, shortly, to our consumers the following theories?

– Antigravity
Antigravity would be a field that was attracted to the earth which has its own gravity field. The IGV produces a GRAVITY field of its own which is repelled from the earth?s gravity. This happens because like fields repel.

– Electrical fields to tall voltage
High Voltage electrical discharge will generate a field. The field will vary according to the frequency that is used to generate it.

– Magnetic effect
The Magnetic effect comes from the ring and roller segments of the SEG. The magnet is printed with a number of fields. Some fields are straight D.C. fields and some are A. C. fields. This omplex pattern enables the rollers to begin moving on the rings of the S.E.G.

– Perpetual motion
There is no such thing. The SEG is estimated to run longer than any other machine built by man. It is the closest thing to perpetual motion.

– Inactivity
The engine of the SEG or the IGV never stops unless it is forcibly stopped using an external magnetic field generator of the correct frequency. When not under load, the generator will just spin with no effects.

– Ionization
There is some ionization connected with the IGV and the SEG. The effects of ionization would only be seen on the IGV as there is a very high voltage generated and this would cause ionization and photon discharge from the craft.

– Propulsion
The propulsion of the IGV is the special field produced by the craft. The direction control is accomplished by sending the field to either the top, bottom or edge of the craft with swiches.

Does you want to add something?
This technology is based on The Law of the Squares that was invented by Prof. John R. R. Searl of Great Britain. The books on the Law of the Squares and video tapes and DVD?s can be purchased on our web site: SEARLEFFECT.COM

Can you point out to our consumers some you deliver for putting on in contact with you?
My e-mail address is

Can you point out books to our consumers end/or video that you show the functions of the S.E.G?
All our books are listed under the title of the Company Store on our web site.


Sincerely, John A. Thomas